_MG_3397My name is Carolyn Smith and I am a real estate photographer.

My career did not start out as such, however. I started by hiking and photographing waterfalls and nature. These photographic endeavors have been on two telephone book covers, several photo contest wins, magazine articles and cover shots.

Some real estate friends asked if I would help them by photographing some of their homes so a new avenue began. I find great pleasure in helping realtors sell their listings. They trust me to find the best way to showcase these homes. I try really hard to see the image each realtor is looking for while also focusing on what the buyer needs to see. I also try to make the homeowner feel comfortable, as sometimes it is bittersweet to leave your home. It is also difficult to have a stranger in your home and your private world.

Although the images will not be displayed on walls, I take great pride in my work. If my name goes on the image, it has to be the best I can do as this also reflects on the realtor I am working with. 

If you think I am the person to help you sell your listings, please contact me. 864-280-9535